Modernizing the Wire System of the Leading Korean-American Bank

Improving the Bank’s Internal and Customer-Facing Tools and Processes, Deepening Customer Loyalty

Headquartered in Los Angeles, providing financial services to the largest Korean American community in the country for more than 40 years and is today one of the leading Asian American banks in the United States, offering its customers commercial banking loans and deposit products through 63 full-service branches, USA-wide, wire Money Transfer Systems are one of the core systems in any bank.


Seamless Integration for Tranformation of Money Transfer

Our team helped the bank upgrade its existing wire system and integrate it with multiple local sub-systems. We designed and developed the entire new platform, including implementing the new ASP.NET Core services, cloud and on-premise hosted micro-services and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform.

Bank Modernizes Wire System, Enhances Efficiency, and Security with Tech Upgrade

The project to upgrade the bank’s wire system and integrate it with multiple local sub-systems resulted in significant improvements. These included enhanced efficiency in wire transfer processing, leading to faster transactions and reduced errors, ultimately improving the customer experience. The adoption of ASP.NET Core services, cloud, and on-premise hosted micro-services provided scalability, flexibility, and potential cost savings for the bank. Moreover, the project likely enhanced security measures and ensured compliance with regulatory requirements, thereby mitigating risks associated with wire transfers. Overall, these improvements provided the bank with a competitive advantage in the financial services industry.