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Digital Innovations Revolutionize Investments, Nonprofits, and Ventures

A dynamic creative studio overseeing a diverse portfolio of investments, nonprofits, and innovative ventures embarked on a mission to optimize operational efficiency and solidify a cohesive design, thereby elevating their brand presence. They revolutionized email development and streamlining update protocols for seamless communication.

Product Design | Web Development

The Future of Skincare Consultations: FaceMapping PRO's Integrated Analysis Tools

A skincare consultation web app encountered a few challenges: engaging clients, managing data, and suggesting products.

UX/UI | E-mail Marketing | Integrations

Empowering Global Merchants by Simplifying Cryptocurrency Transactions for Businesses

Many companies are hesitant to integrate crypto payments due to perceived complexities and uncertainties in the process.

Crypto | Sharing Economy |

Shaping Purposeful IT Careers with CYDEO

Embarking on a journey to empower non-coders with human-centric learning experiences, Cydeo set ambitious objectives. The tech education firm sought to craft user-friendly web applications, elevate organic traffic via SEO tactics, and refine product interfaces for optimal user interaction.

AWS | Product Design | SEO

Modernizing the Wire System of the Leading Korean-American Bank

Providing financial services to the largest Korean American community in the country for more than 40 years.

FinTech | AWS | UX/UI

Elevating the Art of Home Furnishing through Digital Innovation and Impeccable Customer Experience

Faced with the ever-evolving landscape of online retail, Bellona recognized the need to embrace digital innovation to stay competitive.

Digital Marketing | Web Development | Integrations

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