Shaping Purposeful IT Careers with CYDEO

Innovating Learning Paths for Aspiring Coders

In pursuit of its mission to provide human-centric learning experiences for individuals without coding backgrounds, Cydeo had several goals. The tech education company aimed to create intuitive web apps, drive organic traffic through SEO strategies, and enhance product interfaces to deliver a seamless user experience. Together with Cydeo, we remained dedicated to shaping purposeful IT careers through innovative approaches and personalized learning journeys, overcoming the challenges that arose.


A Journey of Transformation

To address Cydeo’s unique goals comprehensively, we embarked on a journey to transform their digital landscape. Our team revamped their web applications with user-friendly interfaces, implemented SEO strategies to drive significant organic traffic growth, and redesigned product interfaces to deliver a seamless user experience.

Redefining Success and Leading The Way Forward

+ 5000

students who were helped by CYDEO


success rate in employement

The results were highly indicative of success: engagement metrics witnessed a significant upsurge, reaching unprecedented levels. Additionally, there was a notable surge in organic traffic, reflecting an increased visibility and interest in CYDEO’s offerings. With the website attracting a considerable amount of traffic, totaling 350,677 web visits in a month, these outcomes not only strengthened CYDEO’s brand image but also positioned it as a leading contender in the industry, earning the trust and recognition of its audience.