Google and modern age business


Edin Ibrišimović

Digital Marketing Expert

Visibility on Google is paramount for any online presence; without it, your website might as well be invisible, or worse, a drain on resources.

If your website (website, online store, portal or blog) cannot be found on Google, it is as if it does not exist, or worse, it exists but only incurs costs.

You can make the best supermarket in the world, the best apartment building, the best restaurant…. However, if you made them in a dense forest where there is no road to your object, everything will be in vain. The Internet is a dense forest, and the paths taken through the Internet are online search engines, of which Google is currently the most important for most world markets.

Google should not be idealized too much, but its enormous influence on the world market should not be ignored either. In essence, it is a company that, like all others, depends on its clientele through which it makes a profit. Google’s clientele is all of us who use it every day. If we are not satisfied with the search results provided by Google, we will probably start using other search engines over time. For example, the search engine BING managed to win a large part of the clientele with special search functions that Google does not have.

The most important goal of every search engine is to deliver the most relevant information to its user in the shortest possible time and in the most acceptable way. At the moment, however, Google is unrivaled in this regard, and for this reason it is by far the most used search engine on the Internet.

Why is it important to know how Google’s search cycle works?

The cycle of searching and delivering results can be presented in a simplified form in three steps:

  1. A query that a user enters into Google
  2. Query identification by Google, which sequentially searches huge databases
  3. Sorting and delivering results that best match the entered query. Google ranks these results algorithmically according to relevance to the entered query. Priority and first positions are always given to the results that Google has judged to be the most relevant.

In short, Google tries to satisfy users with search results that match the user’s “desires” and is very successful in doing so.

Insight into this cycle is important to have for 2 simple reasons:

  1. To make an effort to present your projects through quality content (design, text, conceptual and structural solutions) in the form in which they will be interesting for your potential clients, because Google tries to find exactly such content.
  2. At the same time, present them to Google in a form in which they can easily find, analyze, sort and rank your content.

Web content prepared in this way will be evaluated by Google as suitable for Google users, and ultimately ranked better among Google’s results.

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