Internet sales or Regular sales?


Edin Ibrišimović

Digital Marketing Expert

Not adapting to online commerce trends risks losing to competitors who embrace change and cater to evolving consumer habits.

Times are constantly changing, and those who ignore the flows that each time carries with them are usually subordinate to those who knew how to recognize them, and especially those who themselves contribute to the creation of modern flows. This rule is reflected both on the social and business level.

The Internet has certainly already marked this century as a major factor in the development of society and economy. Some curse it because it destroys the business they have acquired, while others use it because they saw their opportunity in it. As the saying goes, “In times of strong winds, some hide from building walls and some build windmills.” Be of the others! First recognize and then use the potential that today offers you!

The latest statistics show that consumer habits are changing greatly and that the sensitivity towards online shopping is growing. These statistics are mainly related to the economically developed part of the world, America, Japan, Western Europe, China, etc. but undoubtedly apply to our region. It is an opportunity that many startups take advantage of when choosing business projects, but also large companies from our region. Unfortunately, the latter are due to “spoiled” good business and deep-rooted habits, mostly “short-sighted” in terms of time to come or sluggish and not flexible enough to adapt to new trends. The exceptions to those mentioned above, are the ones who make history. However, experience has shown that startups and young companies best recognize and use modern trends.

The fact that online commerce in the market is constantly growing does not mean that classic sales will die out. It still lives, especially when it comes to products that people want to see, feel, smell, etc. first. before they buy them. With products such as books and electronics, online sales are already taking big strides and in many markets leave classic sales on “glass legs”. When it comes to foodstuffs and goods with a short shelf life, it is more certain that for many years consumers will be supplied mainly in classic supermarkets and stores, although it is also advisable for companies from this industry to position themselves in timely positioning in online flows.

Why is online business on the rise?

According to research, consumers cite as the most important reasons for using online stores:

  • Comfort and simplicity
  • Open 24/7
  • More affordable products
  • Possibility of price comparison

One of the important factors for making online shopping is also the quality of products and services, the so-called “Reviews”. These product and service ratings are perceived by consumers as a recommendation or as a warning of a bad product/service, depending on the rating left by previous users.

Adapt your online business to the specific requirements of your target group and think about how you can meet the users of your services / products in terms of things that are important to them and implement them consequently.