Types of SEO optimization


Edin Ibrišimović

Digital Marketing Expert

Google’s algorithms remain undisclosed, but SEO experts decipher insights for website improvement, adapting to evolving trends for better positioning.

Google does not disclose the parameters of its algorithms because of the possibility of abuse, but SEO experts are working on analyzes, experimenting and coming up with significant insights on how to improve website positioning in searches. These analyzes are transformed into so-called ranking factors used to optimize website positions on Google searches.

Google’s page ranking algorithms are constantly changing so it’s necessary to keep up with their trends. Accordingly, the SEO of your website should be constantly adapted and improved both in terms of content and design, speed, quality back links and many other things.

Generally there are 2 types of SEO optimization:

1.) Optimizing directly on the website, so-called On-Page Optimization. It is advisable to do it when creating a website. In-page optimization techniques include the processes of designing, writing, coding, programming, and scripting your website. Among the most important are:

  • the structure and titles of the URLs in accordance with the title tags of each subpage and their meta descriptions
  • Quality content with segmented texts
  • Proper selection and application of keywords in content
  • Website Speed ​​and SSL Certificates
  • Main titles and subheadings marked with H-tags
  • Responsive design
  • Optimized videos, images and graphics with good descriptions and alt tags
  • Internal links and output links to related sites and social networks with share options
  • And other

2.) Another type of optimization is not done directly on the website and is known as Off-Page Optimization. It is desirable to work continuously on this type of optimization. The most important thing in this part of the optimization is the so-called back links. It’s about links from other websites that lead to your website. If back links are good and of decent quality they are very well rated by Google, which then raises the position of your web content in searches.

What does “quality back links” mean? “Quality back links” are those links that make sense for both you and users of your internet content. If a link from a construction company’s website leads to a veterinarian’s website, this link will, as a matter of fact, be judged by Google as being ineffective and will not only not help you but can harm you, as Google will evaluate it as an attempt to deceive.

After the On-Page and Off-Page optimization is done, it is very important to monitor the statistics of the website, to conduct a competition analysis and key words that are in the trend, and accordingly further optimize the website.